Buy Facebook PVA accounts

These days, Facebook is the top listed social app and now a person that has access to smartphone or computer has Facebook account. The most using communication way is Facebook and if you want to tell other about your views, then only Facebook is full secure and best way. When it was created, then the main purpose of this app was to use it for personal life. But as Facebook improved, the online business start to depend on Facebook, then the users of Facebook also increased. Facebook has two pages personal as well business page. However, some years ago, there was the concept of only personal page, but now the business pages are more than from personal pages.  So you should buy Facebook PVA accounts and through these accounts, you can become the part of social marketing business.

Introduction of Facebook

Connecting with social networking is the need of recently era, but it is not possible without buying Facebook accounts. Because there are some features needed when you want to get these types of facilities and only Facebook can provide you such services with unlimited features.so the introduction of Facebook are simple from other social apps and it was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Although Zuckerberg is the main co-founder of Facebook but there are some other students were also included in the creation of Facebook.  Chris Hughes, Eduardo Savarin and Dustin Moskowitz were also involved in this project and by hardworking of these students, now we are able to use a best social app for personal and business purposes.

All co-founders were students of Harvard University and you can say that the concept of Facebook start from Harvard University and in only some years, it has spread in all over the world. It is real fact that first 6, 7 years were difficult for Facebook and there were not too much users. But the popularity of Facebook start from 2012 and in only 9 years, the users of Facebook are more than 2.7 billion. And now there is no any user of social media that has no Facebook account.

You can check the location of head quarter of Facebook on Google and it on Menlo Park California. Using Facebook for personal and business is totally free, but it is richest social app from others. And only advertisement is the single source of income and you can estimate about the income of Facebook that recently owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg counts as billionaire personality in the world.

Features of Facebook

As passing time, the users of all social apps are increasing on daily base. But the speed of increasing users of Facebook is more than from other applications due to its unlimited features. You can compete Facebook with Twitter, Instagram as well Pinterest, but no other social apps have such features which you will find in Facebook. All the features of Facebook are benefited for all users and it will be very interesting to use features of Facebook for various purposes. The engagement rate of Facebook was amazing in previous days, but makes it more useful Facebook has introduced lot of latest features. Some new as well old features of Facebook are mentioned here.

Missive friend request

Before chatting with someone on Facebook, you should become friends. And this will be possible when you will send a friend request and then other person should accept it. And until not accepting friend request, you cannot chat with someone personally. However, now you can send a text message, picture as well video to someone even you are not friend. But in case of reply, you will become friends. These types of messages are called missive messages and you can view all these messages on the option of request messages. If someone sends you a missive message, then you can block that account holder without being friend.

Keep hidden your information

If you want to create Facebook profile, then you should enter all your information with complete details. Because without it, you cannot create Facebook account. So now it depends on you that you want t keep your information hide from other or want to publish it to others. For creating Facebook PVA account, you should need to enter phone number or email address, so you can use keep hide this source from others. Due to this we recommended to buy Facebook PVA accounts in bulk, because it is need to use phone number or email address for account creating. Also it is possible to keep hide your friend lists and no one can learn about your friends.

Now learn about time which you spend on Facebook

As we discuss above that we will mention here old as well new features of Facebook. So here we will discuss about latest feature of Facebook through that you can learn that how much time you are spending while using Facebook. This feature is very useful and through this feature, you can increase or decrease your spending time on Facebook. So buy Facebook accounts and enjoy latest and useful feature of it for all types of purposes.


Security is the oldest feature of Facebook, because from the time of creation, Facebook is famous about its security. And you know that security issues are related to all social apps, but Facebook is minimum affected by this issue. The security layers of Facebook are most useful from other apps and you can enjoy best secure Facebook PVA accounts through two factor authentication.  If your Facebook account is locked then you can recover it by telling about the name of 3 friends from 5.

Only limited features of Facebook accounts are discussed here. However, if you want to get more and more information about Facebook then contact us. Because we creates Facebook accounts for sale and you can purchase these accounts for  getting unlimited benefits from these accounts.